Fly tying students of all ages are welcome. Here are pictures of two students- one is my grandson and the other is New Hampshire guide, Richie Bernard.

Email or call 603-329-5552

​​Shadcreek Flies Small Group Classes and Personal Instruction

Shadcreek Flies offers fishing related programs to conservation groups, Fish & Game Clubs, public libraries and other community organizations that are informative and fun.  I enjoy sharing the experiences that I have had, the lessons learned, and an appreciation of the history and traditions of fly fishing, as well as the great outdoors in general.

Classes for small groups and individual instruction sessions are also available.  These classes are available for students of all ages and can be customized to meet your individual interests and include such topics as: 
Fly Tying – from the basics to more advanced
Casting and line selection
“Reading” a Trout Stream
“On stream” fishing techniques
Basic approaches to saltwater fly fishing 

Contact me to discuss your interests and needs and I can prepare a quote for you.