A comment about "Bugs and Smelt - Favorite Flies and Streamside Musings"

"Over the years we have had many presentations of all kinds, but your presentation of "Bugs and Smelt- Favorite Flies and Streamside Musings" is the first time I have had several (not just one or two) members of the club comment to me that the program was outstanding.  Comments included "just a lot of good common sense and information", "moved along well with a great mix of stories and information" and "really friendly, comfortable presenter who really knows his stuff."

Ray Philippon, President, Nashua Fly Casting Association


A comment about "Adventure Trip to Yellowstone and Big Sky Country - The Magic of the West"

"Rick Little has an easygoing and informative presentation style, encouraging wide-ranging questions from the audience and leaving everyone feeling like they had been there on the river with him, enjoying the immensity of that Big Sky Country!"

Cathleen C. Beaudoin, Library Dir., Dover Public Library

Shadcreek Flies Virtual or In-Person Presentations for 2022

​ Adventure Trip to Yellowstone and Big Sky Country - The Magic of the West 

This program is excellent for public libraries and other community groups.  Travel with me as I explore one amazing corner of the West.  I'll share the beauty of the Yellowstone Park and the Grand Tetons National Park.  This presentation highlights some of the beautiful rivers, mountains and canyons of this part of Montana and Wyoming.  The program highlights the wildlife and geo-thermal features that make this region so special.  

You will see why they call it "Big Sky Country"

Bugs and Smelt- Favorite Flies and Streamside Musings

This program is great for fly fishermen and fly tyers.  It is designed to stimulate a discussion about what is a "favorite fly" and to get anglers thinking about the flies that they use and why.  It is a fun, light-hearted program that includes photos of flies, fishing locations and outdoor scenery.  I share some of my favorite freshwater patterns and the experiences and stream-side observations that have contributed to making these flies "favorites".

Wow!  After a year's delay due to the worldwide Covid 19 pandemic, I made the trip to Iceland in June 2021.  I don't profess to be an expert on Icelandic travel or fishing but..... this program will share my experience traveling in Iceland, seeing some of the many wonders of this fascinating country, and experiencing the June fishing for Brown Trout, Arctic Char and Sea Trout in Northeastern Iceland.

Iceland is on the bucket list of most trout anglers.  After this experience, I can tell you that it should be on your bucket list!

​Join me for an evening of fun looking at the wonders of Iceland.

Feedback about "Fly Fishing in Maine is Wicked Fun"

"Your presentation was one of the top 5 that we have had in the 43 years that this club has been around!"

Barry Nation (long time member) Hackle & Tackle Club, Rochester, NH

Saltwater Fly Fishing - Lessons Learned

This program is targeted to the person interested in saltwater fly fishing, however anyone interested in the beauty of the coast will enjoy the presentation.  I discuss the ways in which I adapted my freshwater fishing knowledge and skills to the saltwater experience, and provide some tips that might be helpful to the freshwater angler who is interested in exploring our New England coastal waters.

Are you looking for an interesting program for a library, museum, civic organization, church fellowship group, TU chapter or conservation group?  I offer programs that are informative, fun and great for a wide range of audiences.  Both Virtual and In-person presentations are available. Contact me at shadcreekflies@gmail.com or call 603-329-5552 for program fees and scheduling information.

"Fire and Ice - Adventure Trip to Iceland 2021"

As a New England fly fisherman, I had always dreamed about fishing the magical rivers of the West.  I have now had the opportunity to journey West several times and I am constantly amazed at the fisheries that I have found.  This program takes a look at some of the great waters of Southwestern Montana, including the Big Hole, the Beaverhead and the Jefferson Rivers, as well as a side trip to one section of the world famous Madison.  Come with me to enjoy this wonderful part of our country.

Contact Rick Little at shadcreekflies@gmail.com or

call 603-329-5552 for program fees and scheduling information.

Fly Fishing in Maine is Wicked Fun

​The West Branch of the Penobscot, Rapid River, Roach River, the East Outlet and Grand Lake Stream are all waters that are discussed in this program highlighting some of the wonderful rivers that Maine has to offer.  I will talk about some of the areas that I enjoy fishing and the flies and techniques that I have found successful.    The program is filled with photos of these great rivers and some of the flies that I use.  Join me for a discussion about some beautiful country and fascinating fishing opportunities.

"Adventure Trip to the Big Hole River and Southwestern Montana"  

Fishing for Kids of all Ages

This program is aimed at kids and parents, as I highlight the fun and adventure that is available in our own "backyard".  This is not a fly fishing program.  It is  a program designed to encourage kids to invite their parents out for time in the outdoors, fishing and exploring the world beyond video games and computers.  Great for kids of all ages!!!

Adventure Trip to Labrador City and Northern Quebec

This is an excellent choice for public libraries.  The program highlights the beauty of Quebec's North Shore, the vastness of the Quebec wilderness, and a look at the history and resources of this region.  It is a program that looks at the history, culture and wonderful natural scenery of this special land through the eyes of an outdoors and history buff.  Travel with me as we explore some of this land to our North.

 Adventure Trip to Big Sky Country- Montana's Bighorn and Missouri Rivers

Travel with me on one fisherman's dream adventure trip to two of Montana's superb trout rivers- The Bighorn and the Missouri.

This is a great program for TU and other sporting clubs as I share my experience on these two fabulous rivers and highlight the beauty of Montana's high plains, canyons and mountain scenery.  If you have been to Montana, this program will bring back memories.  If you have not been there, it will get you dreaming!