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Do you remember when you walked along a stream with a fly rod in one hand, a few flies in your pocket, and not a care in the world?    Well, I have some new fly boxes that are just great for carrying enough flies for a day exploring a nice stream and, I have put together three selections of flies that are some of my "go to" patterns that will give you the variety of flies that you need to make the day a success.

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The North Woods Selection: includes 24 flies that range from emergers to streamers.  (2) Elk hair Caddis, (1) Fluttering Adams, (2) Henryville Specials, (2) Usuals, (2) Haystacks, (1) Hendrickson, (1) Blue-wing olive, (2) Philo Emergers, (1) West Branch Caddis, (2) Soft-hackle Emergers, (1) Bead-head Gold-ribbed Hare's Ear, (1) Dun Variant, (1) Flick's Hendrickson Nymph, (1) Yellow Marabou, (1) Black Ghost Marabou, (1) Montreal Whore, (1) Ripogenus Smelt, (1) Orange Grey Ghost Marabou.  This great selection of flies for $57.60.  (fly box options are available)

The Trout Selection 2018:  This is a very nice selection of 6 flies that is great for both small stream and river fishing.  One each: Nancy's Prayer, Partridge & Orange, Pheasant Tail & Partridge, Sparkle Dun Baetis, $3 Serendipity, Green Soft Hackle Emerger.  This is a bargain at $12.95.  (fly box options are available)

The "Holiday Trout 2018" Selection is a great selection of five flies that each have my own unique twist to them.  These flies have proven effective in trout waters around the Northeast.  This special selection comes in a pocket sized fly box and is only $18.50.

Add an optional fly box to your fly selection:

Medium double side clear lid waterproof fly box: $10.00

Compact double side clear lid fly box with lanyard: $7.00

Clear magnetic six compartment fly box: $4.00

Other options are available upon request.

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To order these or any other flies, simply contact me directly at shadcreekflies@gmail.com 

Rick's "Backwoods" Selection provides you with the flies that will give you a successful day as you explore our Northeastern streams, rivers and backwoods flowages.  It includes ten (10) flies- The Usual, Adams, Elk-hair Caddis, Henryville Special, Hendrickson Nymph, West Branch Emerger, Bead-head Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear, Bead-head Prince Nymph, Yellow Marabou Streamer and Bibeau Killer Bucktail.    Just $24.35. (fly box options are available)

Rick's Favorites Selection: 12 flies that provide the angler with a nice variety to cover a wide range of fishing conditions.  One each of The Usual, Henryville Special, Elk-hair Caddis, Picket Pin, Haystack, Flick's Hendrickson Nymph, Bead-head Gold ribbed Hare's Ear, Dun Variant Nymph, Soft Hackle Emerger, Shufelt  Special, Montreal Whore, Black Ghost Marabou.  An excellent selection for just $28.65.  (fly box options are available)

The "Shirt Pocket" Selection - eight (8) flies to slip into your shirt pocket, pick up a fly rod and head out to explore a stream.  This selection includes a Grey Nymph, (2) Soft hackles,  Maple Syrup, Elk-hair Caddis, Haystack, Adams and a Bead-head Gold-ribbed Hare's Ear- $16.70 (fly box options are available

The "Beaver Pond" Selection makes me think of some of those remote little beaver flowages.  It includes eight (8) flies - the Usual, Royal Coachman, Haystack, Elk-hair Caddis, Bead-head Prince Nymph, Picket Pin, Grey Nymph and Soft Hackle Perfect for a light day of fishing!  All for $17.65

(fly box options are available)

Link to my Bugs and Smelt Selection​ on the "Favorite Flies" page.  A great selection of flies for just $63.40!